Book (editing): Hanayo “Berlin hanayos saugeile kumpels”

Encountering the Fall of the Berlin Wall during her trip from Paris in 1989, where she was studying back then, birth of baby girl Tenko between German guy met in Tokyo, and invitation from director Christoph Schlingensief to Berlin – a curious turn of fate made Hanayo live in Germany from 1999 to 2010.

Letting herself go with the flow, but spent purposeful, willing lives in Germany – such Hanayo’s way of life overlaps with unique, weightless and fantastic photographs she takes. Hanayo’s apartment in Berlin were always full of friends. It didn’t matter who you are and where you are from, and everyone were tied by bonds naturally while spending time and sharing space together. Germany became like Hanayo’s second hometown.

In this book, selected works from massive collection of photographs Hanayo daily took through her life in Germany. Photographs of landscape, everyday life, portraits of friends and fellow artists as well as rather abstract images are intriguingly edited like a flow of images, freed from time spectrum. End notes by Hanayo will explain also some relationship of the friends and artists appeared in this book, as well as the contexts of Germany back then. This compliation of photographs of 15 years tells you cultures and airs of then Germany, and statement of life of an artist, Hanayo.
Her solo show Berlin will be held at Taka Ishii Gallery, Kyoto, to celebrate this book launching.

Light is flashing from time to time in the dark corner of a large concrete ruin somewhere in this city.
The smoke that fills the room makes me feel like I am standing in a cloud.
Extreme noise is banging on my eardrums.
I’m hearing the heavy bass not with my ears, but the platelets in my vessels.
It’s nostalgic, warm and pleasant.
Somehow, I feel happy at moments like this.


< Outline of the book>
Title: Berlin hanayos saugeile kumpels
Author: Hanayo
Publishing Date: March, 2013
Specification: w. 182mm x h. 234mm, Soft Cover, 208 pages (176 pages for photographs)
Price: 3600yen
Language: Japanese / English / German
Publisher: Getsuyosha
Design: Yuri Suyama
Editor: Nao Amino
Supported by adidas Originals
Weight: 600g

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Artists appeared in this book includes: Blixa Bargeld, Jonathan Meese, Kai Althoff, Christoph Schlingensief, Volker Spengler、Pansonic, Terre Thaemlitz, Peaches, Basso, Bernhard Willhelm, Wolfgang Tillmans, AIDS-3D.


Profile: Hanayo is an artist, based in Tokyo and Berlin, whose activity varies from photographer, to Geisha, musician and model. Her works combining photographs and collage work capturing colourful, fantastic imagery of daily life, and installation works with musical or three dimensional elements have been internationally appreciated and acclaimed through exhibitions including solo exhibition at Palais de Tokyo, Paris. Her photo books include Hanayome, MAGMA, and music albums includes Gift, wooden veil.

< Related Events >
Exhibition: “Berlin”
Period: March 16- April 20, 2013
Venue: Taka Ishii Gallery, Kyoto
11:00-19:00 Closed on Sunday, Monday and National Holiday
483 Nishigawa-cho Shimogyo-ku Kyoto #600-8325, JAPAN
Opening Reception: 3.16 Sat 18:00-20:00
Closing Event: 4.20 Sat 18:00- Little Concert Hanayo&Tenko&Steve Lemercier

“Berlin hanayos saugeile kumpels”
Period: April 5- May 6, 2013
Venue: NADiff Window Gallery
12:00−20:00 Closed on Monday
NADiff A/P/A/R/T 1F 1-18-4 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150-0013 JAPAN
Opening Party: 4.5 Fri 19:00-21:00 Talk & Book Signing Hanayo with Masaya Nakahara&Tenko
Closing Event: 5.6 Mon 18:00-20:00 Talk & Book Signing Hanayo with Yuri Suyama/Little Concert Hanayo&Tenko&Steve Lemercier

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