Book:Futoshi Miyagi “new message” Special Edition

Besides its regular edition, three types of special edition for “new message” are created. In each type of special editions, the books are transformed into three versions of unique art piece. All the special editions come with a print “Studio shot, broken teacup after the earthquake, 2011.”

*Special Edition of 30 (10 each of Type A, B, C)
*Includes「Studio shot, broken teacup after the earthquake, 2011」(165 x 216mm, Digital print, signed)
*Artist Book “new message”
Type A: Cuts
The cover of the book is cut to create sensitive patterns, resembling his cut photograph pieces. Each of 10 editions has different cuts, please email us for images of others from this edition type.
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Type B: Capsule
The cover is crumpled and put into a plastic toy capsule. It is a appropriation of Miyagi’s “Where the Treasure Maps were”(2009), in which seven fake treasure maps were crumpled and put into toy causeless.

Type C: Glitters

The book is turned into sculpture for this special edition. The cover is torn and its pieces and glitters are scattered around the standing book. It represents Miyagi’s unique  practice, which sometimes employs tearing, breaking, and destroying objects.


All special editions come with the print:
Studio shot, broken teacup after the earthquake, 2011
12_American Boyfriend_Broken Pieces

“I was born on a small island off of mainland Okinawa, in 1981. I moved to the mainland Okinawa for high school when I was 15, and then to Osaka for college when I was 18. When I moved to New York I was 21. At the time I had a vague thought of studying journalism and had no interest in art, but a meeting with an art teacher opened my eyes to art. When I was 25 I had my first solo show at Daniel Reich Gallery. Then the Lehman Shock happened and many things became impossible, so I moved to Tokyo. I still live in Tokyo, and am slowly forgetting America. Many things became possible again. For the cover of this book I thought of using the teacup I used for my video piece “Not My Cup Of Tea”, then I realized that it fell and broke to pieces by the earthquake.” From “new message”