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About project

We want to express our sincerest prayers of sympathy to all who suffered from the Great Nepal Earthquake several weeks ago.
The first thing I thought about when the earthquake happened was the safety of my friends and the people in the village they live in. It was a year ago when they let me stay at their Yoga studio, SBHFLR, when I was doing shooting of the forest during the rainy season there.  Like so many of the houses built in Nepal, the building SBHFLR is in was constructed by the people of that village, so I was worried of course of what had become of it after the earthquake. Luckily though, my friend and one of the founders of the yoga studio returned to her base of operations in London and let us know everything was alright. SBHFLR is located in the mountains around ten kilometers away from Nepal’s capital of Kathmandu, and the journey there can be quite tight and arduous. As expected most aid or relief wasn’t able to reach these kind of areas, and I heard from my friend that the people living in the numerous hamlets dotting the landscape of Nepal continue to struggle for survival amongst buildings turned to rubble.
I looked for a way that these relief funds could be used by the people of these villages, because many of these aid efforts are not able to reach them. When I heard that my friends at SBHFLR were beginning to start relief efforts for the people of their village, I decided that I wanted to help in any way I could, and thus began planning for this project. Junko is the one who introduced me to photographer and my friend of many years Rinko Kawauchi, and when I asked Rinko if there is anything we could do to help, her answer was “let’s do something now.” With that, we began this project for the relief of this earthquake.
-Haruka Fujita  

piece for nepal009
photo: Haruka Fujita
piece for nepal006 2
photo: Haruka Fujita

Donation Objectives
The sales proceeds of any prints associated with this project will be donated in full to the people of Nepal, excluding necessary expenditures. The funds gathered will be appropriated for purchasing necessary goods and supplies for local villagers by way of Junko Miura-Mainali, who runs a yoga center in a Nepali village. For more details, please direct your attention to the section entitled “Message from Nepal” below.

Second Round of Ordering: July 31, 2015
※There is no official deadline on this project, but we have set up a deadline for Second round of ordering for the sake of ensuring the speedy delivery of these funds.
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Massage from Nepal

unnamed unnamed-1

As you will all be aware, a devastating earthquake has struck in Nepal on 25th April, injured and killed countless people and shattering most of the centuries-old treasured historical monuments and archeological masterpieces. You will all probably have seen some of the horrifying images of the havoc, and like me here you will probably feel an urge to try and help in some way.  Some of you might have already done some help, which I really appreciate your compassionate concern for the people in Nepal at this time of appalling tragedy.

It was only news that I could see and hear what is going on in Nepal until last week but now slowly I could communicate with family and friends who live in Kathmandu and now I know more what is happening there.  Luckily all people who I know living in Nepal are safe.  Also, Yoga ashram related with me in Matatirtha which located in south west of Kathmandu was survived but I just got news that the 7.1M aftershock happened yesterday made the crack on the walls worse and made people feel more despair.  Most of the new iron pillared houses are similar situation, either need to repair or rebuild some of the part of the building, however the worst were all stone and clay made traditional houses, the old houses in the village are demolished whole or partially.

There are still thousands of people need urgent support in most affected remote area such as Sitapaila, Gongabu, Machhapokari, Dhapasi, Balkhu and Ramkoat area. I have however taken the decision to help people in Matatirtha at first, where I am most related so that I can support closely and directly to give what people in the village actually need.

Talking to my yoga centre team, followings are what people need especially the rainy season is starting soon.

Galvanised Corrugated roof sheet (1 Bundle= 6 pcs= if one piece is 12 feet in length will cost between 5500 to 6700)
wool blanket / umbrella / torch / rain boots / gas cylinder / gas stove / first aid kit / children stationaries
bricks ( If we have 3000~4000 bricks we can make a small room and 1000 pieces of bricks will normally cost around £150 )


I will take responsibility to make sure all donations and your kindness will reach to people who are looking for support. I am therefore asking anyone who want to help, please join me.

Junko Miura-Mainali
14 May 2015

PROFILE:Born in Yonago,Tottori, Japan. She has been living in London since 1988. She travelled extensively more than 20 countries and she met Yogi in Nepal where it was her final destination she travelled alone. Since then her life has changed completely, she was immersed in yoga by a guidance of living master of yoga and  has gone through various sadhana (spiritual practices) and training in Himalaya and certified to teach yoga in India. Having experienced a thoroughly healthy pregnancy and a natural, easy birth, a passionate interest in pregnancy and child birth awoke and lead to teach pregnancy, mother & baby yoga since 2003.   In 2010 She became a Doula and had been supporting nearly 100 ladies’ labour and child birth. She established  NGO Yoga Retreat centre “Sadhana Bhumi Himalaya For Life Research” with her husband in Nepal in 2012.


  • Print Images

All prints used for the purposes of this project are photographs that were taken in Nepal. Click on an image to see a larger version. Prints come unframed.

  • Rinko Kawauchi
Offering prints for this project that she photographed during a private trip to Nepal in 2002.
nepal001 nepal002 nepal003
A. Untitled, 2002
Sheet size: 203 × 254 mm
C-Print Edition: 10
¥70,000+shipping cost¥2000

B. Untitled, 2002
Sheet size: 203 × 254 mm
C-Print Edition: 10
¥70,000+shipping cost¥2000

C. Untitled, 2002
Sheet size: 203 × 254 mm
C-Print Edition: 10
¥70,000+shipping cost¥2000

PROFILE:Born in 1972 in Shiga Prefecture, Japan. Lives and works in Tokyo. In 2002 she was awarded prestigious 27th Kimura Ihei Award for her first publications UTATANE and HANABI. Other noteworthy her publications include AILA (FOIL, 2004), Cui Cui (FOIL, 2005), Illuminance (Aperture, 2011) and Ametsuchi (Aperture, 2013). She also received the eminent Infinity Award in 2009 in the Arts Category by the International Center of Photography, USA. Kawauchi has participated in and hosted a multitude of group and solo exhibitions both within Japan and all over the world. Some of her major solo exhibitions include: Foundation Cartier pour l’art Contemporain, Paris (2005); The Photographers’ Gallery, London (2006); Hasselblad Centre, Göteborg, Sweden (2007); Museu de Arte Moderna de Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo (2007); Gallery at Hermès, New York (2011); Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography (2012). In 2015, she has solo exhibition “Illuminance” at KUNST HAUS WIEN GmbH in Vienna. rinkokawauchi.com


  • Haruka Fujita
Using photographs that she shot while staying at SBHFLR for shooting the rainy season forest last year.
piece for nepal011 piece for nepal004 piece for nepal005
D. Untitled, 2014
On afternoons, the children gather and play soccer at a vacant lot halfway up the hill. There were kites that they made at school dancing in the sky that day.
E. Untitled, 2014
The flowers and the verdant green, breathtakingly deep with color.
F. Untitled, 2014
There’s a tree so ancient and vast that no one is said to know the tree’s real age. Its name when translated directly means “the people and the tree.” It’s revered as sacred, and people come every day to offer their prayers to it.
Sheet size: 203 × 254 mm
C-Print Edition: 20
¥20,000+shipping cost¥2000

Sheet size: 203 × 254 mm
C-Print Edition: 20
¥20,000+shipping cost¥2000

Sheet size: 203 × 254 mm
C-Print Edition: 20
¥20,000+shipping cost¥2000

PROFILE: Born in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan in 1972. Moved to the United Kingdom in 1998. Currently active with base in Tokyo as photographer for magazines and advertisements. Major exhibitions include personal exhibition “Soundless river” (2013/Tokyo・AL), charity group exhibition for the Great East Japan Earthquake “sowing seeds” (2013 / Oslo, Norway), personal exhibition for the Sendai Private Museum of Contemporary Art in 1998, etc. Published photo book “soundless river” in 2014. Planning to announce release of new photo book in September of 2015. fujitaharukaphotographs


  • Postcard Set
    Original postcard set of six cards in total, with three photographs each from both Rinko Kawauchi and Haruka Fujita.
    *We’ll ship this postcard set by ordinary Air Mail.
    ¥1,000+shipping cost¥500

    ポストカー6種h ポストカー6種h ポストカー6種h
    ポストカー6種h ポストカー6種h