Book: Elena Tutatchikova “After an Apple Falls From the Tree, There is a Sound”

The photobook “After an Apple Falls From the Tree, There is a Sound” by Elena Tutatchikova will be released in December, 2015. It is the first photobook by Tutatchikova, a Moscow-born, Tokyo-based artist. Alongside the book release, two solo exhibitions at POST (Ebisu) and nani (Shibuya) will also be held.

The memory of childhood forms the main theme of “After an Apple Falls From the Tree, There is a Sound”, a series which Tutatchikova has worked on since 2009. Here, precious summer days of children living in a Russian village surrounded by nature, pass by within beautiful landscapes.

In Russia, there is a tradition of spending summer time in nature – in a grandparents’ house, or in a summer house known as “dacha”. In a land of long and cold winters, summer time has special meaning. Yet as the shining days of summer begin and slip away quietly, children grow up without that knowledge. This modest but shared change in nature’s cycle is metaphorically expressed in the sound that occurs when an apple falls. Ephemeral, but somehow nostalgic, these photographs gently touch the memories hidden in the back of our minds. Created with a universal sensibility that crosses borders, a refreshing book is born.

Expected date of release: Middle of December
“After an Apple Falls From the Tree, There is a Sound”
Photographs and Text: Elena Tutatchikova
Design: Yuri Suyama
Size: A4, soft cover, 80 pages
Languages: Japanese, English
Price: 2,500 yen
ISBN978-4-907562-09-0 C0070
Publisher: torch press
Year: 2016
Weight: 400g

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Special edition with a print attached will also be available: Photobook + one print (8×10 inches, c-print, ed.20) The price is ¥25,000. If you’d like to order, please contact to
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 Related solo exhibitions:

1-small_summertreasures_kaseki01 Elena Tutatchikova “In Summer: Apples, Fossils and the Book”
Venue: POST (150-0022 Tokyo, Shibuya, Ebisu-Minami 2-10-3)
 Schedule: December, 9 (Fr) – 29 (Thu), 12:00-20:00 (Closed on Mondays)
Opening reception: December, 10 (Sat), 18:00-20:00
Alongside the works from the series “After an Apple Falls From the Tree, There is a Sound”, the new series “Treasures”, that is also included in the photobook, will be exhibited.
dinosaurs_capture_001dinosaurs_capture_004 Elena Tutatchikova “In Summer, With My Dinosaurs”
Venue: nani (151-0063 Tokyo, Shibuya, Tomigaya 1-43-12, suyama design 1F)
Schedule: December, 3 (Sat) – 18 (Sun), on Saturdays and Sundays only, 12:00-18:00
A new video work of children’s adventures in summer will be exhibited alongside the photographs.


Elena Tutatchikova
Born in Moscow, Russia in 1984. Lives and works in Tokyo. After studying classical music and Japanese history in Moscow, Tutatchikova studied at the Graduate School of Fine Arts at the Tokyo University of the Arts, majoring in Intermedia Art. In her work, she focuses her interest in how memories are created and transformed through cultural phenomena and the relationship between nature and man across different regions. Collecting regional and personal
stories through locally conducted research, she composes installations using photography, video, sound and text. Selected solo exhibitions: “After an Apple Falls From the Tree, There is a Sound”, Poetic Scape, Tokyo, 2015, “To the Northern Shores” Tokyo Month of Photography, MUSÉE F, Tokyo, 2015. Selected group shows and festivals: “In the Beginning, Silence was Always Silence” Takuro Someya Contemporary Art, Tokyo, 2015, KENPOKU ART 2016.

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