The onset of COVID-19 has led to increased restrictions for wares shipped internationally from Japan, meaning that we are currently limited in our ability to ship our wares manycountries. As such, orders purchased from these countries will be shipped as soon as conditions permit it. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope for everyone’s understanding – in the meantime, we hope for everyone’s wellbeing and health.

Sep. 4 – Oct. 11, 2020
Rinko Kawauchi solo exhibition “as it is” at POST, Tokyo

To be released in the middle of September

Signed copies pre-order “as it is” Rinko Kawauchi is sold out. Thanks for your order.

Jun. 6 – 21, 2020

Jun Tsunoda solo exhibition “Presence” at Curator’s Cube, Tokyo
New book “Mineral Sculptures” by Jun Tsunoda will be released in July.


new release

『Estudio elemental del Levante』
Ricardo Cases

new release

Reflections on Cosmo-Eggs at the Japan Pavilion at La Biennale di Venezia 2019
Motoyuki Shitamichi, Taro Yasuno, Toshiaki Ishikura, Fuminori Nousaku, Hiroyuki Hattori

new release

“Spring and Asura”

Drawing by Izumi Shiokawa Poem by Kenji Miyazawa