Akane Nakajima

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“FLOW” is a small bellows collection of watercolor drawings by painter Akane Nakajima. Nakajima won the 11th Graphic “1_WALL” Grand Prix in 2014, and has been continuously presenting her works since then. The unique form and the abstract painting with pale colors give the viewer various imaginations while praising the lightness.


In this new work, Nakajima expresses the sensation of touching a small piece of nature close at hand by using watercolor blotches. Leaves of plants bathed in strong sunlight, shadows cast on asphalt, light purple petals in the evening, and withered grass are the sources of images that are incorporated into the drawings. Nakajima’s unique sensibility emerges as she incorporates small everyday observations into her drawings. Nakajima herself colored the ribbons that bind the bellows book.





Size: 180 x 125 mm / Bellows Binding / 18P / With hand-painted ribbon
Design:Rin Takehiro
Languages: Japanese / English
Price: 2,000 yen

Publisher: torch press
ISBN: 978-4-907562-42-7 C0071
Year: 2023


Akane Nakajima 

Born in 1992, lives in Tokyo. Graduated from Musashino Art University, Faculty of Art and Design, Department of Visual Communication Design in 2014. Received the 11th Graphic “1_WALL” Grand Prix in 2014, and held a solo exhibition “Leisure” at Guardian Garden (Tokyo) in 2015. Major solo exhibitions include 2016 “A little touch” Gallery Trax (Yamanashi), 2017 “Swim in the garden”, VACANT (Tokyo), 2019 “Summer day” Gallery Trax (Yamanashi). Major group exhibitions include the 2018 two-person exhibition with Kanie Naha, “The best time to get ready” Open Letter (Tokyo).