Penny Davenport Tote Bag

Penny Davenport

$15.84 (+tax)


This original torch press 10th anniversary tote bag features artwork by an artist Penny Davenport. The natural beige color is printed with black ink, and the cotton is mixed with linen to give the bag a pleasant texture. The gray color is silk-screened in dark burgundy, and the eco-friendly tote is made of recycled cotton and comes with a string to tie it all together. Hand silk-screen printing is used to reproduce the fine touches.


Design: Rin Takehiro

Natural beige: cotton, linen  / Bag approx. 360 x 430 mm, handle approx. 30 x 580 mm / silkscreen printing
Gray: Recycled cotton bag (cotton, polyester)  / Bag approx. 360 x 430 mm, handle approx. 25 x 640 mm. / silkscreen printing *The bag comes with a string and can be fastened with the string for easy carrying (gray only).
*The beige fabric is thicker than gray.