Grau Zone vol.3

Ryoji Asabuki×Hanayo, Hirofumi Isoya, Nerhol, Futoshi Miyagi, Leo Pellegatta

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Gray Zone (“Hairo Kuiki” in Japanese) began as a publication project in 2013, unfolding with the artist Hanayo as its central player. The project now welcomes its third edition, released in tandem with the Gallery Trax exhibition in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan. For this volume, “Gray Zone” undergoes interpretation through the theme of “going back and forth in a realm of gray.” Six artists, each transcending borders and the preconceptions of genre, present their works through both exhibition as well as publication. In 2017, we were eyewitnesses to a world in a state of flux — while we all lived in coexistence. With their eyes trained on such days, and on their own feet, the artists present us with works given form from their own corporeality. In doing so, they present us with their vision of the modern day. Creators combine their forces here, delving into varying forms of expression — photograph, video, structure, and word… This “time capsule” projects the essence of the present, while extended as a message to the future.



Art Direction: Yoshihisa Tanaka
Design: Rin Takehiro
Size: 257×182 mm / Without binding / 40 pages
Price: 4,000 yen
Edition: 100
Printed: Hakko Bijutsu
Publisher: Baby Panda Printing
Year: 2017