Spring & Asura

Poem: Kenji Miyazawa Drawings: Izumi Shiokawa

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This is a collection of drawings by illustrator Izumi Shiokawa created to accompany the masterpiece “Spring & Asura” by Kenji Miyazawa. Shiokawa shows unerring reverence for author Miyazawa, and embodies her own interpretations of the aesthetic of the world within his poem, “Spring & Asura” by way of picture; her multitude of drawings seem to depict the shining, dazzling nature of the entirety of the world of creation. Her abstract images seem to beckon premonition — and with mysterious creatures together with the story that comes to life within her drawings, this work serves as an entirely new endeavor for Shiokawa; who, as an illustrator, boasts an impressive repertoire across a number of works.

While the cover of the book maintains simple elements, we see Shiokawa utilize a metal blue ink to further bring the affectations and touches found within the lines of her pencil to life. Within this collection of illustration and poetry, we see a story come to being — one that encapsulates the universe itself, as well as the wonder of who we are.



Drawings: Izumi Shiokawa
Poem: Kenji Miyazawa “Spring & Asura” (First Collection) 1924
Design: T. S. Wendelstein ( The Simple Society)
Size: A6 / Paper Back / 96 pages
Languages: Japanese, English
Price: 1,500 yen
ISBN978-4-907562-15-1 C0071
Publisher: torch press
Year: 2018



Izumi Shiokawa
Born in Nagano Prefecture in 1980, currently working as an illustrator. Shiokawa graduated from the Graphic Design department from Tama Art University, and works primarily with designs relating to advertisement, magazines, and product design. Shiokawa also releases and exhibits her own personal works. Notable pieces include “SWAY” and “MAMBO,” developed as original products for the CLASKA shop&gallery “DO”, as well as her illustrations for “DOUBLEMAISON” for Kimono Yamato.