SOUND AND VISION [Special Edition]

Jun Tsunoda

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‘SOUND AND VISION’ embodies an evolution of expression for abstract painter Jun Tsunoda. An amalgamation of labors spanning over 20 years, this collection places focus on a series of works utilizing the medium of letters and characters. Numerous forms of expression are represented here, whether they be paintings utilizing letters; works of calligraphy combining various characteristics of different characters; or drawings where Tsunoda has decomposed these elements of handwriting. Throughout these works and forms, we can see a common thread—an approach that transforms the primitive ‘letter’ into a free form of expression.

Letters give form to words. In this collection, Tsunoda has created works surrounding the words of those poets such as Fernando Pessoa and Emily Dickinson, notable haiku authors Basho and Santoka Taneda, as well as those of numerous musicians and artists; These works function as an homage to those figures.

‘SOUND AND VISION’ stands as a form of expression that traverses a variety of genres. While the artist’s works not only incorporate elements of Japanese calligraphy, Arabic lettering, graffiti culture, and a variety of other letter styles that transcend national borders, his paintings seem to blur the borders between painting and typography. From there, the forms evolve into embodiment of harmony, with the handwritten elements transforming into raw imagination. In that process, we see ‘sounds’ and ‘visions’ alive in the works themselves.
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