Meet the Collection

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2019 marks the 30th anniversary of the Yokohama Museum of Art. “Meet the Collection”, designed to commemorate this important milestone, is made up of two parts: “Life” and “World.” Divided into a total of seven sections, the exhibition consists of over 400 works, including paintings, sculptures, prints, photographs, videos, and crafts, drawn from the museum’s collection of over 12,000 items. In addition, four artists [Tabaimo, Asai Yusuke, Imazu Kei, Suga Kishio] have been invited to create some unique encounters between their own works and those from the museum collection as a means of conveying the free and diverse ways of viewing and interacting with art.
This text serves as the catalog for the exhibition, featuring a selection of over 100 works from the collection exhibition in tandem with commentary and text pieces from guest artists – a mini-book condensing all of the exhibition’s most memorable sights. One notices round holes bored through the cover, and from this window, one gains a glance of a face from a Picasso painting. As the Yokohama Museum of Art welcomes this landmark in its history this year, this catalog hopes to revisit the role of the art museum and its potential as a place for viewers to “Meet the Collection” – or to come into contact with these exhibitions and pieces.



Size: 228 x 158 mm / Hard cover / 128P

Design: T. S. Wendelstein (The Simple Society)

Languages: Japanese / English
Price: 1,800 yen
Publisher: torch press

ISBN: 978-4-907562-17-5
Year: 2019